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Author's comment:

Due to certain events, I'm not entirely comfortable continuing to develop the military side of the story, but, as the saying goes, "you can't throw words out of the song".

So the show must go on.

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*roar of a car engine.*

Major: Finally they show up.

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Comments (10)

dr pepper (transfer from Disqus)

It's an alternate timeline, so-- alternate Russia.

disqus_V3nJnKOhhC (transfer from Disqus)

Failure to criticize governmental idiocy insures it's continuance. MOCK the bastards!

Greg C (Silence Echoes) (transfer from Disqus)

It's an unfortunate factor, but this was already in motion.

I will also say this, usually in these kinds of tales the Military are usually hungry warmongers who think they can fight the aliens effectively, how you've made your characters as people trying to avoid a war scenario has been a breath of fresh air.

JoB (transfer from Disqus)

... setup in the first panel immediately made me think of this ... X-D

Lord Eric (transfer from Disqus)

I am more than a little surprised there's no fence, especially considering they've already had one escape attempt, and that they know there's someone out there who may be highly motivated to tamper with their operation.

[Finally] they show up


It's an internal checkpoint, but I see where you coming from.

SeanMcTiernan (transfer from Disqus)

Actually, that's not odd. While they are keeping containment, I'd highly doubt that the alien was taken to a Top Secret site to begin with.

For one, there just aren't that many to start with, and are usually confined to muchore secure areas than some rand spot out in the sticks

They do have a fence, as good of one as they needed for regular operations... Which this decidedly is not.


She was not in fact, it was built on top of the crash site, because it is too risky moving something as big as the shuttle.

Takedown275 (transfer from Disqus)

Additionally, at least in the US, fences at secure government facilities are usually only meant to keep people from seeing inside the compound. In fact a lot of US government facilities don't have fences at all, but high berms so as to seem innocuous.

Mark Linimon (transfer from Disqus)

yeah, two Ls

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