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Oh god, someone's got some grand ideas to use the Aliens to their advantage... X(


I think Bahin needs to read up on New World history a bit.

Most of the natives "who knew that a reshaping of their world was coming" were killed along with the rest of their populations. The newcomers in this case were content colonising the lands and suppressing/displacing/killing the natives whom they didnt even view as humans.

The natives who sought knowledge from the newcomers were suppressed or given just the Bible™.

The natives who sought technology were usually given it by competing factions of newcomers who were waging wars on their (the natives') land.

Those who sough support were only given it in the form of plague blankets or were tricked into being cannon fodder for the newcomer faction battles.

As for the natives of the new world, there were no "winners".

And to think that the Santa María has entered our solarsystem, and we sank the first rowboat we saw. Are these "newcomers" here to help us? or help themsels to our land in spite of us?

Sorry if this got a bit sad.

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Raharrs are warm-blooded creatures and are accustomed to temperature range a bit warmer than Earth's.