About the comic

Leaving the Cradle is a story that attempts to bridge the gap between hard science fiction and space opera, somewhat in the spirit of how Mass Effect and The Expanse approached their worldbuilding. Laws of physics are respected (but not always followed :) ), and typical cliches of the space opera genre are avoided as well (as much as possible, anyway) - such as humongous horizontally-oriented armor-clad battleships, or green-skinned sexy space babes. There's, in fact, no humanoids apart of, well, humans, among the main cast.


The story focuses on events, known as the "First Contact Incident", and follows Gharr, a promising alien xenobiologist and xenopsychologist from the Alliance, whose rash decision to explore unknown strands him on Earth with no way to communicate with the Exploration Fleet for the rescue mission. What complicates things is that Earth classified a pre-space age civilization and, according to Alliance laws, any direct contact with the locals is prohibited...


About the author

Leaving the Cradle is written/drawn/everything else by Demin Egor, more widely known as
Darth Biomech, a science-fiction fan, 3d artist and freelancer living in Moscow, Russia.
his hobbies include making of this webcomic, creating 3d art, procrastinating and making miniatures.

Proofreading the comic for english version lands on the shoulders of Glitchrr36 from SpaceBattles.com.

Thanks for reading!