Blog: Outfit redesign

I was always bad at designing outfits. Neither how to design them, nor how they should function beyond the very basics of "how to put them on". You can see it in Leaving the Cradle proper, with all raharrian outfits being sort of baggy and rather formless. I wasn't satisfied with them at all, except for the Gharr's space suit. I curse myself now, and ought to curse myself a lot more in the future for how detailed I made it - it is an absolute headache to draw. X)

So I went and asked Ket to help me out. She designed four spectacular outfits, that will be used in the comic form now on:


Two of these are yet to appear on the pages. from now on I will be drawing characters with fresh outfits as a reference, but I won't redraw previous pages yet, the work is too slow as it is.

Until next time, cheers!

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