Blog: Leaving the Cradle joins Spider Forest!

So this is a huge announcement, for me. Leaving the Cradle is now a part of the SpiderForest webcomic collective! It is a non-profit group of indie comic creators, and it accepts only a select few applicants just once a year.

Not only this provides good opportunities, but it's also a huge weight off my chest. No more second-guessing. I've passed the quality test of a well-known comic community, so this should mean something, and it does. It is an incredible boost of validation and self-confidence.

The only way is forward!

Poll: Flashbacks?

Thinking about some ways to bring in more exotic worldbuilding to the comic without making yet another infodump. How'd you guys like a flashback sequence for one of the main characters? Whose's past you'd like to witness if any? Tell in the comments!

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