Blog: The future of the comic.

Well, that's an ominous title, tee hee, sorry about that! ~<3

I hate to deliver such things on New Year's Eve, but it's important. There are two news: a good one, and a bad one. The good news is that I just got hired for a stable job. Yay, at least I don't have to fear the threat of starvation!<br /> The bad news... is that it's a full-time job. I have some hope that I've become sufficiently skilled at drawing to be able to combine working on a comic with slaving away 9am to 7pm, but I can't yet confidently say what this will mean for the comic schedule. It's likely that releases may slow down to a page every other Monday, or maybe even more.

...But looking at it from a different angle, a stable job differs favorably from freelancing in having a stable income (and not like how it was like now, when you sit without work for half a year, counting pennies, and then as if a dam got breached somewhere and you're suddenly drowning in offers and commissions, 90% of which then cease responding to your messages). And that might mean that I might even be able to afford to hire someone to help on the comic and things would go faster.

Anyway, so far RN the comic's buffer is filled till the end of January + pages for February are halfway done. I hope to finish them before the job actually starts, and then we'll see how it goes.

In the end, if push comes to shove, I can always just resign and go back to freelance. >)

Happy new year, everybody, don't forget to wear your masks correctly, please!

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