Blog: 5 year anniversary!

Gentlemen, today is a very important date. Exactly five years ago, on January 7, 2017, the first page of the comic was posted. Today, Leaving the Cradle celebrates its first anniversary!

In those five years, the comic has grown from 3 subscribers to, if I estimate all the places where I post it, just a tad shy of a thousand. I've grown as an artist myself - from painfully squeezing out one page a month to being able, albeit with lots of footnotes, to create a page a week, plus the quality of those pages has, in my humble opinion, also grown significantly (although, also in my opinion, still barely beyond amateur scribbling).

Although a thousand readers are probably somewhere around "know to the poster and his mom" levels of popularity by the webcomic standards (Especially considering that this is the result of five years of work, not five months), it's still a very significant achievement for me! I didn't think I could get even a hundred, especially since I don't have any skills in promoting or advertising my art.

Thank you all for subscribing! Let's double all the numbers in the next five years!

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