Latest blog post: Redraw of chapter 1 is happening (2024-05-11)

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Every time when everything starts to seem normal, something happens that knocks you down and destroys all plans. At the very end of August, my mother has died, and this basically happened at the moment when I was working on the comic, in the next room.
Those passed months, it was very difficult for me to return to work, both morally and in terms of motivation. But it seems that everything is starting to improve in this regard. In any case, the hiatus is over. This page is the last this year, but I still can’t say whether I can return to the summer frequency of releases. In any case, happy New Year, and fuck 2019!

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wolf ryet

I have been there. It hurts beyond anything you can explain to others. You have to fined any reason to keep moving forward one step at a time . It will always be with you , but with enough steps, you get to where you can function again. Your art work is awesome and that might be your steps. Best wishes and may the next year bring you some measure of happiness.

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