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Some Alliance suits utilize metamaterials in the seams, allowing them to separate and reconnect with molecular precision at the signal from the microprocessor. This allows a quickened process of putting the suits on, and to quickly and safely dismantle a part of the suit in case of emergency, like in this situation. The suit then basically falls apart around the wearer.

Oh god, it's the last page I'll be forced to draw out the entirety of Gharr's spacesuit! Finally!

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from day #1 , I have just loved the dynamics of Gharr´s facial expressions on this page.


#2 : ThisisnothappeningThisisnothappening

#3 : The white box of TERROR!

#4 : Band-aids & Iodine.

#5 : Next up, leeches ?

#6 : Hmmm..maybe..

#7 : I asked for a suit one size larger!

Aaron Neumann (transfer from Disqus)

Not bad, more of a fan of 'intelliwear'/'smart clothing' style suits myself.

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Raharrs are the most numerous species in the Alliance, making up more than half of its total population.