Latest blog post: Redraw of chapter 1 is happening (2024-05-11)

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Beach Fox (transfer from Disqus)

"See? Ta-dah. Strictly By The Book disobedience. Please enjoy your unfettered access to the infosphere of a pre-Contact civilization. I've prepared a primer for you on proper interaction etiquette and a meme-translator."

Lord Eric (transfer from Disqus)

Man, the brass is not having a good track record with this whole "give complete unsupervised responsibility for an intel project to one person" wheeze. I sorta figured Quantum was about to help these two manipulate or evade Zane somehow.

did you just [get] here
what help did you [have] in mind

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Azinarsi relationship to death is different from the rest of the civilizations of the Alliance: they do not care about it. Death would mean loss of information and experience gathered by that instance of a person's mind, though, and these two things are about the only valuables for an Uploaded mind, so Azinarsi try to avoid it when possible.