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I like the way Hekaht supports his lower arm in the pocket and the upper arm on the lower.

A arm that works as a arm-support. Arm´arite ?

Beach Fox (transfer from Disqus)

"Hello. I am programmed to strictly follow all orders, laws, and guidelines. I am also very very smart and have deduced an array of techniques to ignore them anyways. Who's up for some strictly By The Book disobedience?"

Big Nemo (transfer from Disqus)

Not the most productive meeting I have ever attended to :-P

I find especially of concern, that Zane has dismissed everyone without giving any disposition of actions to take - at the very least, they need to get a better understanding of our world, by way of SIGINT or otherwise.

I wish we had heard the opinion of the Sashli. In the past they successfully mediated between the Raharrs and the Insectoids, maybe they could help sorting this mess out.

Steve (transfer from Disqus)

If you mean those nautilus looking things (can't be bothered hunting down the page right now), they botched it when they had the chance. At best, they might have some front-row insight into what went wrong, but the whole fiasco was surely studied by every historian and anthropologist in the alliance.

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The names of every species of the Alliance (besides Insectoids) are words taken directly from their respective native languages that they use to refer to themselves. They all have the same translation:
"a human".