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Steve (transfer from Disqus)

One of the trivia notes says that FTL communication is impossible. Is this strictly true, or is there just no other form of FTL communication than FTL transit, which is possible?
There's also another trivia note saying that only two classes of ship can generate artificial gravity. Is that true artificial gravity which requires some kind of futuristic tech, or do they just have rotating sections that simulate it through centrifugal force (and I'm a physics major, so I'm allowed to call it that).

Lord Eric (transfer from Disqus)

FTL transit. At top speed it can go 16,000 c (because according to two other notes, Alliance space is 16,000 ly long, and it takes a year to traverse that with a good hyperdrive.)

And, well, one of the two classes that have deck gravity is Dawn-class motherships, aka Zane's flagship that has that giant spin-gee cylinder.


The only way to get information to another star system in a timely manner is to bring it with you on your spaceship, yeah.

"True" artificial gravity requires some truly black magic levels of muckering with the laws of reality, so even Azinarsi can't do that. Some of the structures of the Ancients though do possess ability to warp gravity without having mass or energy for that (as far as researchers can tell, at least), so the "classic" artificial gravity is technically possible in the setting.
Dawn and Lake are the ones that generate gravity by spinning, but that tidbit might change if the future, actually, if I'll need a new spaceship for the worldbuilding or plot purposes.

And thanks for all the comments!

wolf ryet

new findings suggest that action at a distance is 10,000 to 15,000 times the speed of light. One physicist has stated that is the low end of what they believe possible. After all they are a more advanced society and we certainly don't have all the answers.

Murphy (transfer from Disqus)


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A lot of backgrounds and other elements in the comic are actually 3d models. It helps reduce the time each page takes to make.